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Blondes have been famous throughout the ages.

  • In Roman Times, women "pillaged the flaxen plaits of northern tribes and wore them as trophies."

  • Roman Women used to die their hair blonde with quicklime, wood ash, and old wine. They did this because they were jealous of the fair-haired German women brought back as captives by their husbands.

  • On September 11, 1875, in Springfield, IL, the "Blondes" and "Brunettes" played their first match. Newspapers heralded the event as the "first game of baseball ever played in public for gate money between feminine ball-tossers."

  • Many of the most famous Fairytale stories center on a blonde character. Goldilocks, Cinderella.

  • In Ancient Greece blonde was the hair color of the Gods.

  • In Ancient Rome ladies of the night would have their hair dyed blonde or wear a blonde wig to show they were available.

  • Ventian women would use rainwater and Chamomile to try to dye their hair blonde.

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