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There are many myths about Blondes which circulate and here we wish to correct some.


  • Blonde beards grow faster than darker beards.

  • In Finland in 1998, a group of Blondes became so fed up and disillusioned with the treatment of Blondes, that they formed the: International Blondes Association.

  • Many people believe all Swedish women are blonde, that Sweden is populated by blonde bombshells more than any other country. However, True Blondes make up only approximately 50% of Sweden's 9 million population.

  • Recently, mummified Caucasians up to 4,000 years old were discovered in China's northwestern province of Xinjiang. The dried corpses have the long noses, deep-set eyes, and long skulls typical of Caucasians. Some even have blonde hair! The 113 corpses appear to have been part of a definite settlement.

  • A silly story often ciculates that Intelligent People have more Zinc and Copper in their hair. Brown and Red is a Copper Color, so this explains why blondes are dumb? This myth is ridiculous.

  • A blonde head of hair has usually many more strands than red or dark haired heads.

  • Artists frequently portrayed their subjects as blonde, even when history belied the point, Phillips writes, noting that the artist Tiepolo, for example, depicted Cleopatra with strawberry blonde curls.

  • The most popular doll in the history of the world "Barbie" is Blonde.

  • Supermarket shoppers prefer Blondes as cashiers. A UK based Somerfield Shoppers Survey, found blondes were much busier than their darker haired co-workers. Apparently, the research stated that Blondes appeared much calmer.

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